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Re: Law Abiding New Papers

2009/10/23 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
> I'll probably be able to read the paper in a few hours...
>>  According to Knoll, the species name_dangershoeki_ should have been
>>  _dangershoekensis_, and a whole paragraph is devoted to this issue.
>>  I agree, but it would seem to be entirely academic.
> I don't even agree. There's just no reason not to form the genitive of a
> place name. Sure, the adjective ending -ensis would have made it unambiguous
> that Dangershoek is a place name, and could therefore be seen as preferable,
> but that's all.

That's not the matter. There is no gender in Afrikaans, so there is NO
reason to choose the masculine ending ("-i"). The objection of Knoll
is justified: in order to respect the original genderless character of
Dangershoek, Butler should have chosen a more "neutral" suffix. The
ending "-ensis"/"-ense" are still problematic, though (the former for
masculine or feminine/the latter for neuter)... It would have been
preferable to just put "Dangershoek" in apposition, as *Stormbergia
dangershoek" in order to avoid such discussions.
Jocelyn Falconnet