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Re: Law[-]Abiding New Papers

 That's not the matter. There is no gender in Afrikaans, so there is
 NO reason to choose the masculine ending ("-i").

There is no reason to choose any particular of the three possibilities, except that one of them has to be chosen. The lack of gender in Afrikaans means that it doesn't matter which one.

 to respect the original genderless character of Dangershoek

That is simply not possible in Latin.

 It would have been preferable to just put "Dangershoek" in
 apposition, as *Stormbergia dangershoek" in order to avoid such

No, that would be downright ridiculous. *Turdus merula* is the "thrush" (turdus) that is the "blackbird" (merula), but *Stormbergia* is not Dangershoek.

(...Even though the shark *Galeocerdo* is Cuvier, and the salamander *Pleurodeles* is Waltl -- these are established embarrassing lapsi calami [or perhaps deliberate insults, who knows!] that cannot be emended.)