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Re: Law[-]Abiding New Papers

Quoting David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:

No, that would be downright ridiculous. *Turdus merula* is the "thrush" (turdus) that is the "blackbird" (merula), but *Stormbergia* is not Dangershoek.

(...Even though the shark *Galeocerdo* is Cuvier, and the salamander *Pleurodeles* is Waltl -- these are established embarrassing lapsi calami [or perhaps deliberate insults, who knows!] that cannot be emended.)

And then there's *Alioramus altai*. I've been wondering why Brusatte et al. chose that, rather than *altaiensis* or *altaicus*.

Nicholas J. Pharris