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Muirkirk dinopark

Yesterday a very nice ribbon cutting opening ceremony was held on a warm 
and sunny afternoon at the mid-Cretaceous Muirkirk iron quarry that among 
other items produced the type tooth of Astrodon johnstoni, and remains 
productive including some interesting items displayed by their collectors at 
site. Well over a hundred people attended, including a number of local 
politicians, and people from the Smithsonian including Matt Carrano. The 
signage is 
very nicely done, that it includes the painting of the general place and time 
I did earlier for the MD Science Center does not hurt. The food was good 
too. The person most responsible for the development of the park is Peter 
Kranz who has been working away at the project for years. In addition to the 
Baltimore Sun article posted earlier see 

About the Washington Post, this week it revamped its print format and 
dropped the never extensive and increasingly anemic Monday science section in 
favor of somewhat more expanded coverage in a combination Tuesday Health & 
Science section somewhat similar to the NYT.