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Re: Even more concerning the Triceratops/Torosaurus deal

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Subject: Re: Even more concerning the Triceratops/Torosaurus deal

>At least one Torosaurus frill is known from Canada. So it is not possible 
for just T. prorsus to be north of the border while T. horridus was only in 
the U. S. growing up to be Torosaurus. 

>I have to wrap up the Princeton U Press dinofield guide right now, so must 
try to figure out how to go on this without misleading the readers late next 
year when the book comes out.

As I stated before, all the questions and points so far raised have been 
previously considered, are answered in the upcoming papers, and most were 
answered in the various presentations that have been given on this. If you have 
concerns about making sure your book is inline with what will be in the 
literature by next year, then perhaps email John Scannella, and see what he is 
prepared to say.