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Re: FW: Even more concerning the Triceratops/Torosaurus deal

Dale McInnes <wdm1949@hotmail.com> wrote:

> If memory serves me correctly did not Jensen from BYU
> excavate a
> 9 foot skull of a Trike from Montana back in the 80s and
> wasn't
> this larger than any Torosaurus skull known to date??

I'm not sticking my oar in either way on the Trike/Toro issue, but I will 
mention in passing that the type skull of _Monoclonius lowei_ (NMC 8790) is at 
least as large as the skull of an adult _Centrosaurus_.  Yet, the _M. lowei_ 
skull has been regarded as coming from an immature/subadult individual (Sampson 
et al., 1997).  I know there are differing views on the validity of 
_Monoclonius_ (some raised here recently), but it's clear that size alone can't 
be used to determine ontogenetic stage (subadult vs adult).  At least not when 
different specimens are concerned, anyway.