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BYU's Triceratops Re: More concerning the Triceratops/Torosaurus deal

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009, Michael Erickson wrote:
Greg Paul's mention of a rumor about a juvie *Torosaurus* made me think of something else that might have bearing on the *Torosaurus* as adult *Triceratops* issue - that bigbutt *Triceratops* skull at the BYU Earth and Science Museum. I know it hasn't been described (at least, to my knowledge it hasn't), but according to Luis Rey, Bakker and a couple others who claim to have seen it, it is at least as large as the largest specimens of *Torosaurus*. It is apparently very, very massive. Too bad they won't dust the thing off and publish something on it. But anyway, I wonder - would a *Triceratops* skull the size of the biggest *Torosaurus* skulls, and showing no sign of fenestrae opening up, refute the notion that Toro is the adult stage of Trike?

Tried to find a picture of this. BYU just renamed their Earth Science
Museum to Museum of Paleontology and had a grand re-opening. A cast is on display. For all that I only found very little in the way of pictures.

Scheetz said an exciting addition is a new triceratops skull. The 9-foot-long skull on display was actually a cast made from the original bones.