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Re: Giant Utahraptors??

Ezra Toranosuke wrote:
> Hello again!
> I once read in this list (looong before being a member) about some
> Utahraptor specimens that were seemingly much larger than the holotype (10
> or more meters long, with claws over half a meter in their inner curve).
> It was a long, long time ago, and I never heard about it again. I asked a
> paleontologist (don´t remember his name, sorry :S) about this, and he
> confirmed that the remains did exist but that they have yet to be
> described formally.
> On the other hand, James Kirkland told me that there are no Utahraptor
> specimens bigger than the holotype. So, was the whole giant Utahraptor a
> misunderstanding, a simple rumour, or what?

As far as I know, a simple rumor.

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