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Re: New Ankylosaur species

I always amazes me how many dino=philes are also tank-philes. Myself included! Part of the reason I made a line of dinosaur miniatures in 1/72 is so I could surround them with scale armour!

  Are there any pics online of this dino?

On Oct 31, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Erik Boehm wrote:

""dinosaur versions of a Sherman tank," Bill Parsons said. "They were armored and they withstood whatever came at them, and they just kept going."

Well then, they weren't very much like sherman tank at all...
Sherman tanks sucked compared to other designs out there.
High profile, thin (relative) flat armor...
America's industrial output made up for the design deficiencies.

A Sherman vs a Tiger.... the tiger would be the one that withstood the attacks, the sherman would be toast (same goes for vs a T-34).

Oh well, he's a paleontologist, not a military historian.

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