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Dino art in junk store

I found a superb example of renowned nature sculptor Steve Hoeger.....and in 
all possible places, a small town junk shop (or, "2nd-hand shop", to be more 
politically-correct)!  The sculpture is of his limited edition run of the 
Velociraptor skull.  It is of proper scale, and is osteologically correct.  
Good bone detail.  I don't know the medium, but it was very light in weight.  
The articulated jaw is move able.  I don't recall seeing a series number; I'll 
check next time I'm in the place.

Hoeger's work goes for big bucks in other venues, so I immediately checked the 
price tag.  $190, negotiable.  Currently, I don't have $190 burning a hole in 
my wallet, so if  anyone who wants further details, contact me off list.  The 
sculpture has been languishing in the store for the past year, with no takers.

Here is a photo of the same sculpture (but of a different piece) in Larry 
Whitmer's museum (same production series (i.e., came from same mold)).


A few years ago, I discovered a beautiful example of an ostrich skull in a 
Seattle junk store, which I purchased for the handsome sum of U.S. $10.00.

I am not associated with the store selling the sculpture.



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