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Giant theropod footprints in Morocco

Boutakiout, M., Hadri, M., Nouri, J., Díaz-Martínez, I. & Pérez-Lorente, F. 2009. /Rastrilladas de icnitas terópodas gigantes del Jurásico Superior (Sinclinal de Iouaridène, Marruecos). Revista Española de Paleontología/, 24 (1), 31-46

English abstract:

The dinosaur ichnological research in the Upper Jurassic lacustrine sediments of the Iouaridène syncline provide data of interest. One of them includes the discovery of gigantic digitigrade theropod footprints, with a not described size. The exposures of ichnitic levels are continuous in the zone and the continuity of stratigraphic beds permits the good correlation. All sites are directly linked, except one of them that are separated by a cover of quaternary glacis sediments. Inside the work area, that includes the half of the syncline, the giant footprints occupy a limited section that extends in the same direction of these footprints. The spatial situation allows us to propose that the gigantic footprints of every bed belong to the same trackway, with a maximum length 2000 m. The direct and indirect footprint structures are distinctive from each to other trackway. However these are not the only footprints discovered; between and inside the sites, there are many smaller theropod and some ornithopod and sauropod prints. This shows that, at least three giant theropod dinosaurs lived in the same site with the smaller theropods being the last most prominent. After a comparative study it is proposed that two of the three gigantic theropod trackways and the digitigrade footprints described in this paper, are the largest discovered yet in the world.