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New Online eBook, PaleoParks, About the Protection of Fossil Sites

Dear List Members,

A new ebook, "PaleoParks - The protection and conservation 
of fossil sites worldwide" (edited by Jere H. Lipps and 
Bruno R.C. Granier) has been posted online as a series of 
PDF files on the Journaux Electroniques en Geosciences 
webpage at:


According to Dr. Jere H. Lipps,

"This special volume consists of invited contributions based 
on presentations given at the three PaleoParks Workshops at 
the International Geological Congress in Florence (2004) and 
Oslo (2008) and the International Paleontological Congress 
in Beijing (2006)."

This book deals with the "with an important problem facing 
paleontologists--the preservation and conservation of 
their fundamental field data through the establishment of
protected areas we call PaleoParks."



Paul V. Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA 70803