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SV: SV: BALD EAGLE! yikes!

That would have been maoris if they met Haasts Eagle, and yes I do think
that Haasts Eagle would have attacked humans since it lived on
two-legged animals of about the same size (moas).
There are as yet undescribed very large Pleistocene fossil raptors in
Australia so the aborigines tales could be based on those. Like Haasts
Eagle they presumably disappeared when the megafauna they preyed on

Tommy Tyrberg 

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Ämne: Re: SV: BALD EAGLE! yikes!

Don't the Aboriginee's have stories of a giant eagle that eats their
Wasn't their speculation it was based on Early encounters with Haast's
I'd think that unwary aborigines arriving when Haast's eagles still
lived might have suffered a few losses to those eagles.
A baby sitting in the middle of camp might be a good target if the
adults were all on the outskirts of an encampment.
But folk tales are hardly good documentation of attacks by a specific
now extinct species.

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On 4-Sep-09, at 3:03 PM, Richard W. Travsky wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Amtoine Grant wrote:
>> On 4-Sep-09, at 12:00 PM, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I do know how overwhelming a Haliaeetus eagle can be very close up.
>>> was once standing near a cliff at a large lake in Sweden counting
>>> ducks,
>>> when a White-Tailed Eagle that had been roosting unnoticed in the
>>> forest
>>> behind me suddenly flew out just over my head. It literally almost
>>> made
>>> me fall over the cliff edge.
>>> Tommy Tyrberg
>> I'd have to say you're very lucky it wasn't a hungry golden. You
> Would that have bee a first? A human taken by an eagle?

I meant dragged/pushed off the cliff like the goats. Probably wouldn't
be very hard for one to do.
Also, if golden eagles can take goats & wolves, babies & young children
doesn't seem like any stretch of the imagination.
Besides, they look at us all the same way, not that they can really help
it(lack of facial muscles)

>> could've ended up like these unfortunate fellas: http://
>> www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iFOVi0vJGU
>> ...
> Seen this footage before. Where was this taken?

No idea, I just know the original version I saw had [I think] a Spanish