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Re: J. Fight Club - pre-set in stone?

On 4-Sep-09, at 7:51 PM, B tH wrote:

So, the producers had already decided what "battles" were to take place by which species?

I was wondering if during the Allosaurus episode if anyone mentioned A. amplexus or Saurophaganax as possible contenders for the episode?


Also the spinosaurids and carcharodontosaurids
were ignored - did any of you guys bring this up with them, and what was their answer?

I brought Torvosaurus up w/ "Dino George" on his blog. He seemed genuinely insulted by me simply pointing out the fact that him stating that Allosaurus being the largest theropod alive in NA was wrong. Mind you, the picture on this very blog was him STANDING IN FRONT OF A TORVOSAURUS skeletal reconstruction.

I found myself yelling at the screen through the entire series for the ridiculous "plots" throughout the series. Now I know why the entire series was so ridiculously implausible.