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RE: I Can Do New Papers All By Myself

Michael Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

> Note that contra this paper, the bird genus Hargeria
> (Lucas' new genus for Hesperornis gracilis) was not
> preoccupied by the crustacean genus Hargeria. Lang placed a
> species of leptocheliid tanaidacean Leptochelia rapax (named
> by Harger, 1879) into the new genus Hargeria in 1973. Lucas
> named the bird genus Hargeria in 1903 though. So for once, a
> dinosaur got to be named before its eponymous
> arthropod!  Alas, Hargeria seems to be synonymous with
> Hesperornis, as Lucas only thought it was so distinct
> because he incorrectly included what would become the
> Parahesperornis alexi holotype in the species gracilis.

Bell & Everhart (2009) certainly indicate that _H. gracilis_ is much more 
similar to _H. regalis_ (the type of _Hesperornis_) than to _Parahesperornis 
alexi_.  Previously, Martin (1984) assigned _Hargeria gracilis_ to 

Nevertheless, elsewhere (e.g., 
http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/diapsids/birds/hesper.html) _H. gracilis_ has been 
referred to _Parahesperornis_.

Now, if it turns out that _alexi_ and _gracilis_ are congeneric, the name 
_Hargeria_ Lucas 1903 is available for this genus.  _Hargeria_ was named before 
_Parahesperornis_ (Martin 1984), so it has priority.  _P. alexi_ would 
therefore become _Hargeria alexi_.