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Re: Pterosaur take-off movie on the NG site

Mike (and other DML denizens),

I don't think you need to worry about any of the niggles picked out by others: 
I reckon you and Julia have knocked up an excellent presentation of a very 
good, convincing idea. I had to explain quadrupedal launching to some animators 
not so long ago and had to produce my own little cartoons to show them how it 
was done: in future, I'll just show them your video. Raul's painting is nice, 
too: sure, it's got a few issues, but nowhere near as many as some pterosaur 
images. And, being a Raul Martin painting, it's technically excellent (as in, 
with excellent artistic technique, not as in 'excellent only by technicality'). 

So, anyway: well done and all. Must dash: I've got to go and put some resin on 
a big model of a pterosaur. I can't mix up much more than a litre of resin at 
once without it exploding, and the pterosaur model is so big that it has to be 
tilted forward in a room with a 4 m high ceiling to make it fit... this is 
going to be a l-o-n-g day.


Oh, and in hushed whispers to Mike only: you should have a copy of our MS back 
soon. I have another few changes to make, then it's back to you for approval.


Dr. Mark Witton

Palaeobiology Research Group
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth
Burnaby Building
Burnaby Road

Tel: (44)2392 842418
E-mail: Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk