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Re: Tree of Life webpage

2009/9/10 Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu>:
> David Marjanovic wrote:
>>>  ToL is in a long-term reorganization phase. There will be a
>>>  reincarnation of sorts eventually.
>> And besides, it seems they don't take people below the level of PhD
>> student.
> More specifically, they invite specific people to contribute: they are not
> a Wiki.
>> In other words, they carefully choose those people who have the least
>> time.
> Sad but true.

The TOL project has a lot of ground to make up now: the Wikipedia
pages for most taxa are already much better than the corresponding TOL
pages.  If this reboot is going to avoid being stillborn, it needs to
very soon and be pushed very hard.