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Re: Tree of Life webpage

2009/9/10 John Conway <john.a.conway@gmail.com>:
> Mike Taylor wrote:
>> The TOL project has a lot of ground to make up now: the Wikipedia
>> pages for most taxa are already much better than the corresponding TOL
>> pages.  If this reboot is going to avoid being stillborn, it needs to
>> very soon and be pushed very hard.
> The TOL project has a really neat technical feature that sets it apart from
> the Wikipedia--you can extract the tree from any node in XML format. This
> makes it possible to build web applications that do things like
> automatically phylogenetically bracket characters, generate taxa lists or
> cladograms, and probably more stuff I haven't thought of. At least it would,
> if the tree were anything like complete in any area.

"At least it would if ..."