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RE: Herrerasaurus ... again

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> Does anyone know of any recent work done on the "direct" 
> ancestor of this early dino?
> I'm intrigued by this guy because he was so (relatively) big. 
>  If H is considered one of the earliest known dinos, then 
> there must be something still in the ground or undescribed at 
> this point that indicates a smaller, earlier form, right?

Herrerasaurus, Eoraptor, Panphagia, and Pisanosaurus are all the same age,
and indeed from the same unit. At present there are know dinosaurs known
which are definitively older: they must exist, but haven't been found yet.

There are some intriguing footprints from Argentina in the Middle Triassic
that *might* be dinosaurian, but they could be from a close sister group (or
from yet another damn dino-mimic among the crurotarsans... No evidence for
that yet, but you can't trust those stem-crocs ;-).

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