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Re: Herrerasaurus ... again

All other early dinosaurs (Panphagia, Eoraptor, Staurikosaurus,
Saturnalia) are smaller than Herrerasaurus. Although Staurikosaurus,
apparently the closest relative of Herrerasaurus, is apparently coeval
with Herrerasaurus (and both are among the group of the earliest
dinosaurs), it represents a smaller and apparently less modified taxon
(although a recent study by Bittencourt and Kellner indicate some
derived features not present in Herrerasaurus) which may resemble the
ancestor of Herrerasaurus.

The holotype of "Frenguellisaurus", which has been ascribed to
Herrerasaurus, is much larger than most other Herrerasaurus specimens,
and seems to be younger than the smaller specimens.