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Re: Fossil Snafu In Argentina (VERY SORRY!!!)

Argentine law contemplates all arqueological and paleontological material as 
property of the state. 
Foreign scientist properly qualifyied can get a concession or permit for a 
maximum of three years, renewable. 
Items can be loaned on a temporary basis for study purposes after they have 
been registered by 
the authority of Registration and Protection of the Paleontological Patrimony, 
which is the Museo Argentino
 de Ciencias Naturales (Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences) "Bernardino 
Rivadavia", in Buenos Aires. 
If anyone is interested in the full text of the law (in spanish, alas!) I can 
send it offlist.  
Luis Oscar Romero, lor@fibertel.com.ar  

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Subject: Fossil Snafu In Argentina  

Argentine Customs Seizes Fossils from U.S. Researcher, Latin  
American Herald Tribune, August 8, 2009.  


Sounds, like someone ran afoul of the local paleontologists, permits,  
and authorities and created a major snafu.  


Paul Heinrich