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one *last* comment on truncated messages

Neil Taylor (nf.taylor@ntlworld.com) wrote a bunch of stuff about the
problems of truncated messages starting with:

> 1) "afarke@gmail.com" broke the Dino-list rules

but neglecting to add:

4) "nf.taylor@ntlworld.com" then broke DML rules by continuing a
   discussion of dinosaur list management on the list...

leading Kelly Clowers (kelly.clowers@gmail.com) to wonder about the
current situation:

} is it merely inertia and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

Let me put a cap on this discussion by stating two things...  1) I've
been told by USC administrators MANY times that they are just about to
change to a software package that was written (or at least modified)
in the 21st century, and 2) it is "broke", but the set of people who
care and the set of people who can fix it are non-overlapping.

There is, of course, the possibility of us migrating off of USC, but
my personal feeling is that that cure would be worse than the
disease.  Feel free to voice an opinion if you have one on that
subject but DO NOT voice it to the list.  Send it to me.


Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)

P.S. Returning to my point number 1, my guess is that California's
economic situation has made it much less likely now than last year
that the listprocessor really will be updated soon.  We all have my