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When The Ocean Suffucated - Oceanic Anoxic Events

Suffocating Seas: Clues About Timing And Causes Of 
Oxygen-free Event In Cretaceous Ocean. Science Daily,
September 11, 2009


"Some 119 million years ago large portions of the 
world ocean were close to suffocation. The reason: 
acute lack of oxygen. This is documented by geological 
findings around the world, for example in Italy, Japan, 
North America and in the Pacific. The exact timing and 
the causes of this so-called oceanic anoxic event (OAE)
however, are not known yet: How fast did it happen, 
and why? How much time did the ocean system need to 

When the ocean is suffocating, News from IFM-GEOMAR
September 11, 2009

http://tiny.cc/SufficatingOceans and http://tiny.cc/CretaceousOcenas

"High quality sediment cores give Kiel geologists clues 
about the timing and causes of an oxygen-free event in 
the Cretaceous ocean."

Volcanic Eruptions May Have Wiped Out Ocean Life 94 
Million Years Ago, Science Daily, 


Anoxic Events


Hot and Stinky: the Oceans Without Oxygen



Paul Heinrich
Baton Rouge, Louisiana