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It's enough to make a paleontologist cry ...


>>> Monday 14th September, 2009

Now, a 'flying dinosaur shaped UFO' filmed over Argentinean skies   
ANI     Thursday 10th September, 2009     

London, Sept 10 : A strange object spotted flying in Argentinean skies is 
speculated to be either a flying saucer or a dinosaur.

A fisherman near San Rafael photographed the mysterious object flying over an 
artificial lake called El-Nihuil last Saturday.

The Telegraph quoted fisherman Pino as telling Los Andes: "I was excited and I 
do believe life must exist on other planets."

Another witness Christian Figueroa has corroborated Pino's observations.

While some say the object could be a UFO, other are even predicting it to be a 
flying dinosaur, the Pterodactyl, which last lived on Earth 66 million years 
ago.  <<<