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Re: Tree of Life webpage

As a follow up to the questions I had on the TOL webpage, I must ask about the 
phylogeny they present for the stem tetrapods...


The TOL presents Temnospondyls as diverging before the Amniote-Amphibian split, 
which would seem to suggest they weren't amphibians at all, but rather some 
sister taxa to Amphibians&Reptiles

Whereas wikipedia's Temnospondyl page seems to firmly place them within 
Amphibia (ie after the amniotes split from the linage that gave rise to modern 
amphibians), and suggests lissamphibians may even be a branch of the 
temnospondyl tree (rather than a side-branch like the lepospondyls).

Meanwhile the Labyrinthodontia page presents a phylogeny that seems to confirm 
the TOL phylogeny (as far as the Temnospondyls go, but not as far as 
Westlothiana and Seymouriamorphs) despite naming stem tetrapods as amphibians.

Wikipedia also presents seymouria and westlothania as closer to amniotes than 
amphibians, whereas TOL presents them as basal to both.

So what are the views of people on this list.
Did the following emerge before or after the modern amphibians and modern 
amniote linages split?