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Re: storing a food source

Stonker (JAP) has been weighed at 29 pounds plus prior to departing on his annual flights between Scotland and Iceland, and less than 13 pounds on his arrival 2 to 3 days later (a 55% weight loss). Stonker was the heaviest individual bird of any species known to fly by means of continuous flapping flight, but his % weight loss was fairly typical. Finding it hard to believe doesn't make it untrue, or even rare. He was about 12 when he disappeared on his annual flight, rather old for a swan. Stonker also once made one of the most extraordinary emergency flights I've ever heard of, while caught in a gale off the southwest coast of Iceland. He was wearing a radio tracker at the time, and his performance and endurance were phenomenal. He was quite a pilot as well as an exceptional physical specimen.

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Subject: Re: storing a food source

I've heard this factoid many times, and I have to say I find it VERY
hard to believe.