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RE: storing a food source

On Thu, Sep 17th, 2009 at 4:13 AM, "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@umd.edu> 

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> > Can it be that some reptiles are unlikely to store fat? It 
> > seems that storing fat in snakes may hinder locomotion more 
> > than in other reptiles. Perhaps also in flying birds.
> > 
> Flying birds store fat, too. Just not too much...

Young chicks can store prodigious amounts of fat. Juvenile (pre-volant) mutton 
birds often out-
weight their parents. Visually they can appear twice the size (although a lot 
of that might be fluff).

Caged birds can also become grossly over-weight if fed a poor diet and unable 
to exercise. I've 
seen budgies with over-hanging beer-guts (or would that be a 'seed-gut'?).


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