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Re: off-topic : tiger snakes

I assume you refer to the Australian tiger snake Notechis scutatus?  I do not 
know much about this particular snake, but toxicity of snake venom has a number 
of correlates of which prey size is only one.  Snakes which are not highly 
mobile may require fast-acting venom to prevent prey from escaping.  The same 
is true of tree vipers, which must ensure that their venom acts before a prey 
animal can jump or fly to another branch; my understanding is that the venom of 
such snakes is extremely toxic.

 Ronald Orenstein
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The tiger snake is one of the most venomous snakes of all, correct?   Yet from 
what has been said of their diet, it hardly seems necessary for them to be so 
toxic.  Any speculation on why they evolved in such a matter, or has their diet 
only (relatively) recently changed?

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