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Re: the old canard "tastes like chicken"

I dunno, German(ic) stuff is at least rich and satisfying a good
portion of the time. Can't get comfort food more basic than stuff like
bratwurst or deep-fried pork cutlets, not to mention the incredible
array of pastries and cream-based desserts. I find much of
Mediterranean cuisine to have too many bells and whistles for my

As for stuff tasting like chicken, I think texture is a major part of
that perception. Alligator is indeed chicken-ish, so the broad
generalization may be true, but even turkey and duck are distinct
enough from chicken that I can tell them apart based on flavor. And
I've had some Oriental styles of pork that I could only distinguish
from chicken based on texture. There are a lot of factors to consider
regarding taste/flavor/texture, diet prior to slaughter, and

> Maybe something makes the Northern European unable to cook (Germany,
> Nordic countries, Slavic countries included) whilst Mediterranean ones
> enjoy a much richer cuisine.
> []s,
> Roberto Takata