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Re: birds and/or/with dino's

Yep, my mistake. I meant to say Cete would include both stem- and crown-Cetacea (Cete = pan-Cetacea), and Paraxonia would include both stem- and crown-Artiodactyla (Paraxonia = pan-Artiodactyla). Either of these clades might also come to include mesonychians as well.

Or we could just use Paraxonia for Artiodactyla + Cetacea (assuming cetaceans aren't crown artiodactyls, as I increasingly suspect they are). Doesn't Paraxonia also include things like mesonychians, anyway?

Clade names like Cetartiodactyla, formed as mashups of two existing names, have always rubbed me the wrong way. In what sense are pigs, camels, fin whales, and spectacled porpoises "whale-even-toed"? What does that even mean?

Nicholas J. Pharris