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Re: Tree of Life webpage

Hi, MLers,
would anyone have copies of these papers to share:
Sidor (2005) & Laurin & Soler-GijÃn (2006)


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The TOL presents Temnospondyls as diverging before the
Amniote-Amphibian split, which would seem to suggest they
weren't amphibians at all, but rather some sister taxa to

Whereas wikipedia's Temnospondyl page seems to firmly place
them within Amphibia (ie after the amniotes split from the
linage that gave rise to modern amphibians), and suggests
lissamphibians may even be a branch of the temnospondyl tree
(rather than a side-branch like the lepospondyls).

The ground rule for Wikipedia and ToLweb is always:

"Which has got the better and newer sources?"

In the present case, it is mainly Sidor (2005) on WP vs Laurin & Soler-GijÃn (2006) on ToL. Can't decide, am not a temnospondologist and have not read either. But ultimately it might be we can't tell yet. Two years ago, I'd have favored charadriiforms outside "higher waterbirds". These days, I am more reserved; Estelle Bourdon's prophaetornithid studies look as if the tropicbirds could make a good missing link - very autapomorphic, but apart from that they look as if they'd link waders to the stork-albatross-and-whatnot group.

(David: I noted that Estelle's thesis has some nomina nuda. A few of them have since been resolved. Is she planning to describe the others anytime soon? At that occasion, all the best for her work... I find it highly interesting and hope to see more of it in the future!)



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