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Re: Tree of Life webpage

Thanks for the reminder, Jean-Michel, I must have somehow overlooked the message you're replying to...

> In the present case, it is mainly Sidor (2005) on WP vs Laurin &
> Soler-GijÃn (2006) on ToL.

Certainly not. Laurin & Soler-GijÃn is on one single temnospondyl (a marine one: *Iberospondylus*) and doesn't deal with lissamphibians. Sidor (2005)... is that something on *Nigerpeton* and/or *Saharastega*? One of the JVP papers? Sidor has never written about lissamphibian origins at all.

The latest resources are, if nobody else will toot my horn, MarjanoviÄ & Laurin (2008, 2009) and what else I'll present in Bristol.

> David: I noted that Estelle's thesis has some nomina nuda. A few
> of them have since been resolved. Is she planning to describe the
> others anytime soon?

Still no idea. She's on the other side of the pond, doing a postdoc with Joel Cracraft, as I mentioned.