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Re: More on the genus problem

> In order to confirm contribution to the same
> gene pool, you should have a living holotype and prove if an
> individual you collect can have fertile offspring with it (at least
> conforming to the laboratory definition: this may imply we will likely
> few times be sure if a given individual contributes to the wild gene
> pool) -continuing this absurdity, given that the holotype will
> sometime die, you will have to clone it regularly-.

Now that I think, not even this will serve to put into different
species. It is not necessarily true that if an individual does not
reproduce with the holotype they are parts of differente gene pools,
because of clines. Then, we should also see if the specimen leaves
fertile offspring with individuals which leave fertile offspring with
the holotype, which in principle comes from what we perceive as the
mid-point of the distribution of the contributors to the gene pool, or
with individuals which are somewhat intermediate in shape or size
(Great dane and Chihuahua - or more naturally, wolf and coyote,
because the reproductive interaction will more likely be replaced by
killing/predation if the size disparity between both is large).