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Re: birds and/or/with dino's

 The name Pegasoferae is cute, but even most molecular phylogenies
 fail to find support for the clade itself (e.g., Springer et al.,
 2007; Syst. Biol. 56: 673-684).

So what? It's supported by LINE insertions, which are almost perfect ( = homoplasy-immune) characters; and the same paper that discovered that (Nishihara et al. 200...6?) also found evidence for incomplete lineage sorting between Pegasoferae and Artiodactyla, meaning that a couple of cladogeneses in that part of the tree must have happened in so rapid succession, generating such short internodes, that most analyses will run into trouble.

Thanks for the ref, I don't remember that paper and will check it out later today if I don't forget.