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Re: The big story at SVP

Did he have anything during the presentation to show that the fossil
is legitimate? UV photo, CT scan, etc. It's an unfortunate necessity
with Chinese fossils, especially ones like this.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 8:40 AM, Jeff Hecht <jeff@jeffhecht.com> wrote:
> At 3:53 PM +0200 9/25/09, Andreas Johansson wrote:
>>But Feduccia is not, in the bit quoted, saying it's not a dinosaur,
>>leaving a reader unfamiliar with Feduccia's views the impression that
>>the writer is clarifying and/or expanding on Feduccia's views rather
>>than contradicting them.
>>I see in the comments that Brian Switek read it the same way as I did.
> The author of the New Scientist article has posted a response with more 
> details from Feduccia:
> "In his email, Feduccia went on to point out that Anchiornis does not have a 
> fully opened hip socket or acetabulum - a non-theropod feature. He concluded 
> by saying:
> "If troodontids and dromaeosaurs such as microraptors are actually birds, 
> then feathers would have originated once in the group, and the four-winged 
> condition is primitive for Aves.""
> I think there's a lot more to be said about Anchiornis, and I'd love to hear 
> what people who attended the Bristol talk think.
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