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RE: The big story at SVP

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Andreas Johansson wrote:

<Has Feduccia gone BAD=2C or are they misrepresenting him in the final para=

To quote the article:

=A0 "Alan Feduccia=2C
a palaeo-ornithologist at the University of North Carolina=2C Chapel
Hill=2C says the new fossil species adds a 'dazzling new piece to the
complicated puzzle of early bird evolution'=2C showing just how blurred
the distinctions are between groups in this area of the dinosaur
evolutionary tree."

=A0 Feduccia seems on-target with his message=2C as he likely perceives *An=
chiornis* to be an early bird or a stem of the bird lineage that he thinks =
microraptorians to belong to (to the exclusion of dinosaurs).


Jaime A. Headden

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