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Re: Pycnofibre (pterosaur hair) query

If rumours are to be believed, there is a Tupandactylus with a beard on the 
ventral side of the mandible. With a wingspan of 4 m or something, this is 
probably the largest known pterosaur taxon with pycnofribres preserved. I've 
not seen the specimen directly myself, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of 
these claims. It's potentially damn exciting, though, and nice vindication for 
anyone who's ever restored a pterosaur with adventurous facial hair. 


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>>> David Peters <davidrpeters@charter.net> 27/09/2009 15:49 >>>
What is the largest specimen of pterosaur for which hair (pycnofibre)  
is known?

I'm wondering if such developments could have been restricted to small  

David Peters
St. Louis