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RE: You know what we need? a "Walking with Dino-Birds" docu

I wouldn't hold your breath: Impossible Pictures seem a bit deluded with 
CG-dinodocs: apparently the market for them isn't anywhere near as hungry as it 
used to be. The novelty has worn off, so they say, and the enormous costs 
involved are nowhere near as well justified as they used to be. 


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>>> "john hunt" <john.bass@ntlworld.com> 28/09/2009 08:44 >>>
I was hoping for a 10th anniversary makeover for WWD with a few more
feathers and some of the speculation updated with current evidence, but it
does not appear to be forthcoming.  Maybe when they release it on blueray?

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Subject: You know what we need? a "Walking with Dino-Birds" docu

May be a bad time to toss this out
into the arena, what with some of the
folks who participated in the various
BBC/Discovery Channel specials at the SVP
congregation ...

What are the odds that:

1) The 'powers-that-pee ... er, be' would see
a general-audience interest and/or commercial
potential for it?

2) Can the various parties discuss the issues
in the sound-bites without getting too critical
of each other? [I think there's enuff BAND-vs.-theropods/cladists
sumo-wrestling on the various forums already.]

3) How much promotion would be required to 
ensure it got a high ratings?  Would the 
professionals take that extra step in the
classroom, in the media, at seminars, etc., 
to promote it?

4) And most importantly, can you headlock the
producers so that they get the facts (or theories)
correct so that we don't have the equivalent
of a 150-ton liopleurodon in the presentation of the proto-development of

I think this would be an exciting project.
Even if they could make a half-hour WWD Special like they did for Big Al . .