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re: "Walking with Dino-Birds" docu

RE - Impossible Pictures:
Well, considering that "Dinosaur Planet" was really silly and kid-oriented, and 
that for all the good stuff Jurassic Fight Club had, it was badly hurt by the 
zip-bang-hoopla-woosh noises and world-wrestling type descriptions, I can see 
why the audience may have slacked off some.

Also, the animals occassionally charging the "camera" was an especially dumb 
prop. (Tyranno-spit on the lens, sea-scorpion's cracking of the lens, et al.)

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RE - "10th anniversary makeover"

I think the updated commentary stuff from the various paleo's for the 
rebroadcast last year was probably it for that idea.  Good stuff but seemed 
oddly/crudely inserted - but that's probably just my bias from being so used to 
watching the original.