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RE: You know what we need? a "Walking with Dino-Birds" docu

I recently learned that ITV has cancelled the next season of "Primeval", a 
sci-fi series based in CGI prehistoric beasts, due to high costs and the fact 
that thier audience has gone down from 6 million viewers for the first season 
to a mere 5 million in their third year, so there is not much hope for an 
update of WWD, I'm afraid...
Luis Oscar Romero, lor@fibertel.com.ar 
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From: Mark Witton  
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Subject: RE: You know what we need? a "Walking with Dino-Birds" docu 

I wouldn't hold your breath: Impossible Pictures seem a bit deluded with 
CG-dinodocs: apparently the market for them isn't anywhere near as hungry as it 
used to be. The novelty has worn off, so they say, and the enormous costs 
involved are nowhere near as well justified as they used to be.  


Dr. Mark Witton 

Palaeobiology Research Group 
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University of Portsmouth 
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