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RE: It's enough to make a paleontologist cry ...

> Wouldn't that be something? 

As would Nessie being a real plesiosaur,

I for one would love to see a pterosaur alive, maybe even fly with one along a 
ridge/in a thermal with one in a hangglider/ultralight sailplane, the chances 
of that happening are approximately equal to the limit as n approaches infinity 
of 1/n.

I think we'd be more likely to find a surviving placoderm like dunkleosteus 
than a pterosaur, you never quite know what is down there.
It would probably even be more likely to find a population of marine 
temnospondyls than the find a pterosaur...

Heck, I'd settle for finding another species of lobe finned fish...
2 species of Coelocanth and a few lungfish aren't much in terms of diversity 
for the type of fish that gave rise to all the large lifeforms we see on land 
today (and many in the water).

One could easily see the non-tetrapod lobe finned fish being extinct from the 
oceans/lakes/streams in less than 10 million years..

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> A huge piece of me wishes they were
> still alive...
> Wouldn't that be something? 
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> >> Here's an article with the 'tantalizing'
> photograph:
> >>
> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6166855/UFO-or-p
> >> terodactyl-over-Argentinian-lake.html
> >>
> >> My money is on 'not pterodactyl' anyway.
> >
> > It's obviously a 
 think that we always
> thought those 
> > 'flippers' indicated they were aquatic!
> It's Gamera.