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RE: If you had a time machine...

Oh, wow. 

Working at a museum, I often find myself staring at the massive skeletons. 

I would die--absolutely die--to see their physical superficial appearances. 
I want to see what a Tyrannosaurus rex actually LOOKED like. 
The texture of the skin, the proto feathers of early Theropods, the intense 
diversity and coloration of Pterosaurs.
The sound of a Lambeosaur herd as they're running. 
The color/possible iridescence of Archaeopteryx feathers.

As far as behavior: 
The animals how they ACTUALLY moved. 
Pterosaur behavior.
-We can only estimate so much and only make so many computer animated videos. 
If Tyrannosaurs (and theropods in general) were parental. What did they feed 
their young?
Predators and prey at the waterhole ignoring one another to a certain extent. 
The media think of dinosaurs as eating every animal they see, but just like 
lions and many predators of the Serengeti today, they often ignore each other 
most of the time. 

I could go on and on...


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Life in and around a Cretaceous watering hole during the course of a
day, perhaps in different locales, would be a good start for me. 
Creatures from microscopic to towering. 

Not very sexy, I know. . . Could be lacking in ratings.  

But I'd like to sit back and see more that portrays these creatures not
as monsters nor dragons with insatiable appetites and aggression, but
living the highs and lows as the fauna of their time. 

A 65 mya "Wild Kingdom". 


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>>> David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net> 9/29/2009 3:14 PM >>>
Hello All

   I'm working on a new documentary series that involves a whole bunch
of dinosaurs.  I thought it would be nice to give you all an
opportunity to let us know some of the things you wish you could see
in CGI driven dinosaur shows that you have not seen before.  We are 
well aware of
dino-doc fatigue, but we are trying to break the mold with this one.  
Heck, forget
the fact that its a show and tell me this...IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN

What "greatest hit" moment from the Triassic to Late Cretaceous would 
dream of witnessing? And with what creatures doing what to whom?  I 
know under
your cynical science hats there is still a wide-eyed kid!

  Violent battles?  Peaceful vistas?  Lazing Dinosaurs? The life of a
mosquito? Predator and Prey ignoring each other for once? A gentle
rainstorm in an ancient forest? Burrowing dinosaurs? T-Rex's
violently copulating? Inside the egg of a Sauropod as the embryo stirs

life? An endless plain of ferns?