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Re: If you had a time machine...

I suppose trying to show things like they are most of the time is like
showing one hunting event in a documentary after 15 other
documentaries with lions sleeping and young playing. Or herbivores
just eating and walking slowly... Does not seem too commercial...

So I suppose you have to portray antagonisms... Perhaps grandiose
battles maybe replaced with theropods trying to steal youngs from
their parents avoiding the defenses of the mother, without this ending
in the unlikely killing of the carnivore. Many times there are more
agressive signals than actual agression. Also, most other predation
should occur with small prey running, and not in confrontation.
Killing the predator with horns and spikes is also weird, and more
likely is that the predator becomes intimidated. Intraspecific
fighting should neither end so commonly with a player dead. It should
not be that each time we see a non- predatory interaction, it ends
with someone killed (in addition to being unlikely, this violence may
affect kids).