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Re: Echidnas evolved from amphibious ancestors

David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> Femora? When were femora discovered? I thought all that was
> known was one lower and one upper molar?

Forasiepi, A.M., and Martinelli, A.G. (2003). Femur of a monotreme (Mammalia, 
Monotremata) from the Early Paleocene Salamance Formation of Patagonia, 
Argentine.  Ameghiniana 40: 625â630.

I don't have the paper, so I can't tell you on what basis the femur is referred 
to _Monotrematum sudamericum_.  However, the femur is mentioned in the 
_Kryoryctes_ paper (Pridmore et al., 2005), where they refer to it as "femoral 
fragments", and that based on this material, _Monotrematum_ was a "large 
animal" (i.e., by Mesozoic mammal standards).