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Let's fix those pterosaur eggshells! (was: ... pterosaur hands!)

Hey, that's fine. Keeps me in business.

In the tradition of science, all I wanted to do was reason through the details.

Along similar lines, I finally got to see Unwin and Deeming 2008 "Pterosaur eggshell structure and its implications for pterosaur reproductive biology." All throughout the paper U&D reported on the extreme thinness of the eggshell, its porosity and concluded several times that it was most like that of non gekko squamates -- but they couldn't pull the trigger and say that maybe pterosaurs were squamates, as I suggested to Dr. Unwin in Sept. 2007. Instead they opted to hypothetically bury the eggs in moist litter or soil. Nothing was said, of course about each being a single egg (lotta work for one egg), that one was buried in volcanic ash and two others in lacustrine sediments (presumably having been transported there, but buried eggs don't roll or float away in floods, do they?)

Ah, well. Maybe tomorrow.

David Peters
St. Louis

On Sep 29, 2009, at 7:47 AM, jrc wrote:

I'm with Chris on this one. Decided he was right several year ago, after detailed discussions with him. See no reason to change my mind.

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