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RE: If you had a time machine...

Had some great ideas so far...
But should add the one thing I'd definately NOT want to see/hear/endure again - 
and thats the assumption that prehistoric terrestrial fauna spent the entire 
day screaming/roaring/yelling at each other at the top of their lungs with 
their mammalian larynxes (heck, even stem tetrapods, stem diapsids and 
chelicerates in Walking with Monsters!). Its as if predators must always loudly 
advertise their intentions to their prey prior to attacking. I've seen enough 
wild varanids and crocodylids in action to know you can have some riveting 
attack sequences combined with stoic silence, at least on the part of the 
Me? I'd like to see a Late Jurassic terrestrial sequence that doesn't involve 
yet another look at the Morrison. Dino Death Trap was a start but I'd love to 
see a more in depth look at Oxfordian China - more so now thanks to Anchiornis. 
I'd throw my support behind the "day at the waterhole" idea, after all the most 
entertaining JP sequence in the entire series for me was the "they do move in 
herds" brachiosaur/parasaurolophus panorama. 


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Subject: If you had a time machine...

Hello All

   I'm working on a new documentary series that involves a whole bunch
of dinosaurs.  I thought it would be nice to give you all an
opportunity to let us know some of the things you wish you could see
in CGI driven dinosaur shows that you have not seen before.  We are 
well aware of
dino-doc fatigue, but we are trying to break the mold with this one.  
Heck, forget
the fact that its a show and tell me this...IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME

What "greatest hit" moment from the Triassic to Late Cretaceous would 
dream of witnessing? And with what creatures doing what to whom?  I 
know under
your cynical science hats there is still a wide-eyed kid!

  Violent battles?  Peaceful vistas?  Lazing Dinosaurs? The life of a
mosquito? Predator and Prey ignoring each other for once? A gentle
rainstorm in an ancient forest? Burrowing dinosaurs? T-Rex's
violently copulating? Inside the egg of a Sauropod as the embryo stirs 
life? An endless plain of ferns?

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