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FW: If you had a time machine...

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Why not let everything come to you!
I'd stroll across each geological stage of the mesozoic=2C
pitch a tent near a waterhole in each ecosystem=2C and with
an elephant gun=2C bring down a 2-3 ton verte=2C then see what
collects. I'd be setting up a "scavengers' feast" in each
system. I could easily see (as an example)=2C a group of
tyrannosaurids attempting to defend the kill against a host
of vulture-like multiple species of ornithomimids=2C dromaeosaurids
and the like as waves of predators push each other off the kill.
I would watch for the intraspecific behavior of the scavengers.
Would there be the pyrammid of scavenging as we see on todays
Serengeti?? This is where I think that present palaeo artwork is
sometimes quite sterile. There should be ...... in some cases.....
scores or even hundreds of "predators" around a kill in a god awful
cacaphony of sound. This would be wildlife observation at its most
stunning. Scenes like this (flying feathers=2C dust and sound bytes
of unimaginable intensity) are rare in dino art. Carcasses would=2C
I doubt=2C last very long out/back there in the mesozoic. --dale=20

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> P.S. Would also try hand-feeding a Herrerasaurus.
> But not feeding on my hand.
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