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Re: If you had a time machine...

Thomas R. Holtz wrote:
> No arthropods yell in Lord of the Rings. A demonic spirit in spider form
> yelled, but no arthropods...

Oops! did not remember that (nor tried to offend fans)! (although I
still dislike how easy it was to defeat an orc).

Some of these documentaries can explore the shape diversity of some
taxa, and not the fauna of a given place. For example, take
crocodiles, with lots of different mouth shapes among
Mesoeucrocodylia. One can make a number of shorts showing how do we
believe these strikingly different snout types functioned. And the
same with marine crocodilians and the earlier crocodylomorphs with
long-limbs and histology suggesting they were more active than their
Recent relatives.

And so on for morphologically and adaptively diverse groups, such as
Temnospondyli, Pterosauria, non-mammalian Therapsida, etc.