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RE: How to Train Your New Papers

raptorialtalon@gmail.com wrote-

>> Paul, G.S., and Carpenter, K. 2010. Allosaurus Marsh, 1877 (Dinosauria,
>> Theropoda): proposed conservation of usage by designation of a neotype for
>> its type species Allosaurus fragilis Marsh, 1877. Bulletin of Zoological
>> Nomenclature 67(1):53-56.
> What's the alternative? *Antrodemus*?
The holotype of Allosaurus fragilis is undiagnostic within Allosaurus (fragilis 
neotype vs. "jimmadseni") and possibly even at a higher level, as I've never 
seen a comparison to Saurophaganax or even other carnosaurs.  The same is true 
for the Antrodemus valens type.
Mickey Mortimer