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Cuban dinosaur

Dear friends, 
In 1949, Alfredo de la Torre y Callejas found a 45-centimeter (18 inch) bone in 
ViÃales (western Cuba) and identified it as that of a Diplodocus or 
Brontosaurus. The bone was lost, however, and the very general description and 
single photograph that have survived leave doubt about its true origins.This 
fossil element may have been a metacarpian bone of a large Camarasauriformes, 
but as the fossil is lost, this identification is not out of risk (Leonardo 
Salgado, personal comm, 2002) 

The Alfredo de la Torre's paper puede encontrarse en: 

and history in: 

In the last interview in 2002, before dying, Alfredo de la Torre y Callejas 
"It seems that was stolen and is now in the country of the North" 

Do you seen this bone in any American collection? 

Thanks for help,